Patlon has forged close working relationships with design engineers, procurement personnel and production engineers employed by prime, first and second tier aerospace OEMs in Canada, allowing us to co-develop applications and ‘spec in’ our Principals’ products.

We also partner with the maintenance and technical personnel working for the country’s leading aircraft operators and MROs. In addition, Patlon performs major repairs on aircraft ground support equipment for aircraft operators and airport authorities. 

Aerospace Capabilities

  • Crimp Tools and Kits 
  • Platform Specific Tool Kits
  • Insertion/Removal Tools
  • Safe-T-Cable
  • Pull Testers
  • Backshell Accessory Tools 
  • In-house Repair and Calibration
  • Custom Tools and Die Sets
  • Battery Disconnects
  • Electronic Control Relays
  • Power Relays
  • Switches
  • Custom DC Power Control Board
  • AC/DC Options
  • Solid State GPUs
  • Engine Driven GPUs
  • Portable Battery-Operated GPUs
  • Frequency Converters
  • 600V Compatible
  • Pre-Conditioned Air Systems
  • Design Capability
  • Complete Platform Compliant
  • Field Service Repair
  • Installation
  • Custom System Design (Hangars, PB Bridges)
  • Rental Options
  • Used Units for Sale
  • Portable Confined Space Ventilation Equipment
  • Respiratory Protection Equipment
  • Air-Driven and Electric Units
  • All Accessories
  • AC Power Supplies 
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies 
  • Inverters 
  • Industrial, COTS and MIL-SPEC Frequency
  • Airborne Worthy Power Supplies
  • Sewn Insulation Blankets
  • Fire Shield Blankets 
  • Metal Encapsulated Insulation
  • Metal Structural Components
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assemblies
  • Aerospace Switches and Sensors 
  • Pressure Switches and Sensors 
  • Flow Switches and Sensors
  • Temperature Switches and Sensors
  • Exterior Structural Struts and Rods
  • Interior Structural Struts and Rods
  • Complex Machining
  • Shock Mounts
  • Fuel Connectors
  • Aircraft Tugs/Moving Equipment 
  • Helo Portable Power Pack
  • Crimp Tool Repair and Calibration
  • Electro-Mechanical Assemblies
  • GSE Field Service and Repair Specialists
  • GSE Commissioning
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Design, Installation, and Assembly Services

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