In order to support the products sold, in 1989 we created a Repair and Overhaul group with a comprehensive set of capabilities which cover the products directly sold by Patlon, as well as the standard products and equipment sold by various manufacturers.

Patlon’s field service team are proven experts in installing, maintaining, and servicing ground power units, pre-conditioned air units, and have provided custom installations across the country at GTAA (YYZ-Pearson), West Jet (YYC), and Vancouver (YVR).

Patlon Services Capabilities

  • Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment (AMSE)
  • In Service Support (ISS) 
  • Generator Repair
  • MPDS Repair
  • Dolly Set Assembly
  • Starter and Alternator Repair
  • CARC Painting
  • Chemical Detector Repair
  • Repair On/Off Site
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Emergency Service
  • Tool Calibration
  • Installation / Debug
  • Diagnostics
  • Commissioning

  • Design Capability
  • Assembly Capability
  • Manufacturing Capability
  • Training
  • Crimp Tool Repair and Calibration 
  • Ground Support Equipment – design, install, commissioning and repair – both on passenger boarding bridges (PBB) and hangar applications
  • Kitting Capabilities 
  • Value-Added Manufacturing 
  • Chemical Detector Repairs
  • Painting (CARC Available) 
  • Aircraft Weigh Scale Calibration 
  • General Contracting Services at Pearson Airport
  • Field Service Calls Available (Emergency Service) 

  • Design Capability
  • Assembly Capability
  • Manufacturing Capability
  • Training

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