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Acting as an exclusive sales ‘partner’ for the multi-national Principals we represent, Patlon offers the same benefits as having a dedicated sales team here in Canada. Drawing on over 65 years of corporate history, our engineering sales specialists operate out of Patlon’s Halton Hills facility, as well as offices in Ottawa , Montreal and Winnipeg. This unique technical sales force, highly regarded by OEMs and operators across the country, has earned a solid track record for developing pioneering applications that ‘spec in’ our Principals’ products.


Patlon is committed to providing added value to its customers and its suppliers by developing new applications and servicing existing applications. Patlon achieves this through strong technical knowledge, understanding the needs of its customers, professional selling skills and effective communication with both customers and suppliers.

Patlon develops and implements its strategic plan annually to meet its established goals, including profitability through growth and diversity.

Patlon is committed to providing all employees with a challenging, responsible, rewarding environment where creativity and the pursuit of new opportunities are distinctly encouraged.

Patlon's 38,000 square-foot Halton Hills Head Office

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