Abrasion Resistant Cap

ITW GSE has patented an abrasion resistant replaceable end cap for 400 Hz cables. The new Replaceable Cap is specially designed with a tapered edge to fit securely on any aircraft in the market that utilizes 400 Hz power.

These 400 Hz replaceable caps are made of a highly durable composite selected for its strength, durability and longer life. This newly designed cap is compatible with all aircraft types. Regular cable inspection is a critical aspect of any preventative maintenance program. When using end caps the corners will show wear exposing the contact section which indicates it is time for replacement.

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  • 2 - 3 minute replacement time
  • Reduce wear and tear to extend service life of cables
  • Extend the life of your replacement contact sections
  • Increase savings on cable repairs and replacement
  • Reduce maintenance down time on all applications, saving time and money

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