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ITW GSE is the premier manufacturer of PCA Hoses. The compact and insulated Flat Duct is an extremely flexible heating and air-conditioning duct. It is constructed without wire reinforcement, allowing it to be flattened and rolled when not in use for compact storage.

The Flat Duct hose is constructed of two-ply, flexible heavy duty and highly abrasion resistant vinyl coated fabric. The interior construction is non-rip nylon with moisture proof insulation between the plies.

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  • Abrasion resistant scuff strip
  • Cuff zippers and velcro strips to allow for longer duct assemblies
  • Available with inside diameters of 8, 10, 12 and 14 inches
  • Tolerant to temperature variations of -40ºF to +125ºF
  • Minimum R-value of 8.0 or greater

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