Swivel Aircraft Adapter

ITW GSE’s Swivel Aircraft Connector can be used for heating or air conditioning. It is UV resistant and is designed to withstand chemicals, fuels and solvents found in the harsh ground support environment. The Swivel Aircraft Connector is light weight, which makes it a fantastic component for all PCA units.

The JB360 Swivel Aircraft Adapter is named after the 360 degree rotation that it provides.

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  • All necessary clamps and hoses are included to operate with the PCA Connector
  • Patented design compensates for the twists, kinks and alignment issues that PCA hoses encounter with normal use
  • PCA Swivel Adapter allows for maximum airflow to the aircraft
  • Relieves ramp personnel from the task of stopping to straighten the hose and fix kinks.
  • Available in the following hose lengths 13”, 48" and 96

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