ITW GSE 6400 JetEx 8 28 VDC

The 6400 JetEx® 8 mobile diesel-driven 28VDC GPU offers the same quality and reliability that JetEx® owners have become accustomed to. The low profile design, combined with our rugged 5th wheel steering, provides superior visibility and maneuverability in today’s congested ramp areas.

The 6400 series offers the following benefits:

  • Reliable ITW GSE AC generator
  • Low noise design
  • Superior voltage regulation

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The JetEx 8  is packed with the kind of value-adding benefits customers have come to expect from ITW GSE.

The 6400 JetEx’s variable speed engine enables the operator to regulate engine speed to meet capacity demand, which increases the life of the unit, lowers energy consumption and reduces operating noise; a great improvement on its fixed-speed predecessor, especially during low load situations. It also results in a longer life expectancy compared to fixed-speed engines, giving owners a higher return on investment.

To further reduce operating costs, the 6400 JetEx’s canopy and cable trays are made from a resilient polyethylene that reduces wear and tear. The entire canopy can be removed by hand in less than two minutes, without the use of hoists or crane. In addition, many components are manufactured from fully recyclable materials, to minimize environmental impact and disposal costs.

Easy Access

The engine, alternator, controls, batteries and cables are all easily accessible but completely protected under a tough, corrosion-free canopy made of resilient medium-density polyethylene. All maintenance points that need to be checked regularly (fuel, oil, water, etc.) are easy to access. The entire canopy can be removed by hand in less than two minutes – no hoists or cranes needed.


  • Variable speed engine gives a lower operating noise level especially during low load situation
  • Engine RPM is not tied to output frequency as in case of a diesel unit
  • Longer life expectancy can be achieved as compared to fixed speed engine
  • Able to regulate speed of the engine to provide just the required capacity to meet the load
  • Less noisy working environment for operators
  • Higher return on investment for equipment owner

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