Marine Stanchions, Guard Rails and Safety Net Systems

Marine Stanchions, Guard Rails and Safety Net Systems
Patlon is proud to be associated with Permali, the world’s leading provider of high-strength, glass fiber reinforced composite stanchions, guardrails, and deck safety net frames. At Patlon, we bring Permali’s exceptional products to the Canadian market, offering a wide range of innovative solutions to enhance the safety and performance of marine vessels. From customized deck safety systems tailored to the unique needs of each vessel, including rail height adjustments, handrail variations, and hinge point modifications, we are your trusted partner in ensuring maritime safety and efficiency. Explore our comprehensive range of Permali products and discover how we can elevate your maritime experience.

Composite Marine Stanchions

Elevate your marine safety with Permali’s Composite Stanchions offered by Patlon in Canada. Our durable GRP composite stanchions offer a comprehensive range of designs to suit your specific guardrail needs. Whether you require rigid guardrails, PARAFIL® synthetic rope guardrails, or removable chains, we have you covered.
Choose from our four standard stanchion styles to achieve the perfect configuration for your deck or hull-mounted system. Type A stanchions provide fixed position guardrails, while Type B stanchions offer the convenience of folding fore and aft the deck. Type D stanchions fold onto the deck for easy storage. For quick release and removable options, we have stanchions that meet your requirements. Our Marine stanchion systems come ready to install, complete with all the necessary stainless-steel fixings, fittings, and lug bolts for your guardrail design. To ensure longevity and a cohesive look, all our fabricated composite stanchions, rigid guardrails, and deck safety net frames are meticulously finished in-house with a two-part polyurethane paint in your desired warship color.
Trust our Composite Stanchions for robust construction, reliable performance, and an aesthetically pleasing solution to enhance safety on board your vessel.
Marine Stanchions, Guard Rails and Safety Net Systems from Permali. Shipbuilding and Repair solutions by Patlon in Canada

Deck Safety Net systems

Ensure the safety of your flight decks with our Deck Safety Net systems. Whether you prefer manual operation or automation, we have the perfect solution for you. Our net systems are meticulously customized to suit different vessel types, offering flexibility and reliability.
We prioritize durability and ease of maintenance. That’s why our net systems feature a combination of a cast stainless steel base and a lightweight GRP composite frame, ensuring a corrosion-free and low-maintenance solution. We go the extra mile by utilizing ‘camlock design’ fittings that provide an additional layer of safety with positive locking in both upright and deployed positions.
But that’s not all – our net systems also provide added protection for deck crews during adverse weather conditions. With shock cord woven into the lower sections, the net can easily “bag” when necessary, creating a safe refuge for your crew.
Don’t compromise on safety. Choose Permali’s Deck Safety Net systems offered by Patlon in Canada for reliable protection on your vessel’s flight decks.