ITW GSE 2400 Cable Retriever

The ITW GSE 2400 wire Retriever is the best option if you want a neat flight line, hangar, or apron, as well as protection for the priceless 400 Hz aircraft wire. The retriever comes standard supplied with 79 feet (24 m) of symmetrical cable in one piece. The aircraft plug is provided with LED and push buttons for the operation of the retriever and the connected 400 Hz power unit.


The cable retriever can be connected to any 400 Hz source. When connected to an ITW GSE 400 Hz 90 kVA GPU, you not only get a solid and reliable ground power system, but you also get the benefit of the ITW GSE operator interface that is easy and intuitive to use. Airport staff familiar with one ITW GSE product can easily switch to another as the icons and display are consistent.
The operator only has to press the combined start/stop button. Also, the operator can monitor various parameters such as voltage and current on the display screen. The cable retriever works perfectly well with all sizes of bridges and all types of aircraft. Mounting options for free-standing, boarding bridges, and rafter mount in hangars.