ITW GSE 7400 eGPU : Battery-powered Ground Power Unit 90 – 140 – 180 KVA

For greener airports and a better working environment.

Take an immediate and significant step towards a greener future with ITW GSE 7400 eGPU. You can start implementing a fully green technology concept without making a substantial financial commitment.

  • Highly Flexible
  • Zero Emissions
  • Silent
  • Minimal Maintenance 
  • Easy charging
  • Substantial Savings on Operating Expenditures

These advantages are just a few of the many strengths of the 7400 battery-driven eGPU from ITW GSE. Perfect for hangars and remote stands without a fixed 400 Hz. In addition to an eGPU suitable for business jets, the eGPU family also comprises eGPUs with one or two outlets suitable for narrow and wide-body aircraft.

The ITW GSE 7400 eGPU is a unique Ground Power Unit that combines two well-known technologies:

  • State-of-the-art Li-ion technology at input and
  • ITW GSE solid-state converter technology at output

It is a well-proven solution and guarantees a very reliable battery ground power unit.

ITW GSE 7400 eGPU zero emission Ground power unit offered by Patlon in Canada