RBSC100 100A continuous at 14/28V DC

RBSC100 100A. portable power banks offered by Patlon in Canada
  Volts DC   14.4 / 28.8
  Continuous Amps   100
  Weight   8.6 kg (Unit Only)
The RBSC100 stands out as a compact, lightweight, and exceptionally portable power unit. Crafted to deliver continuous, high-quality DC power, it serves as an indispensable tool for crew training and aircraft servicing, whether in workshops, on the ramp, or out in the field.
This robust, high-power model proves its worth in various scenarios, including diagnostic tasks, pre-flight checks, onboard battery charging, and sustained equipment operation during missions, all while safeguarding against the depletion of aircraft batteries. Equipped with a suite of built-in safety measures, these units are user-friendly and dependable. They reliably generate a steady 14.4 or 28.8 volts, matching the fully rated output current and incorporating power factor correction as standard.


  • Direct connection to aircraft or land vehicle.
  • Aircraft cable is available in lengths ranging from 2m to 6m.
  • Sturdy yet lightweight aluminum casing.
  • RCD safety protection.
  • A digital display featuring backlight, showcasing Volts, Amps, and Input Status.
  • The display provides system status, indicating input voltage or any errors.
  • Multi-fan cooling system, temperature-controlled for optimal performance.
  • Both input and output cables are detachable for convenient storage.
  • Supplied with an input cable of the required length.
  • Various options are available for output cable length and connections.
  • User-switchable between 14V and 28V for added versatility.


 Output Current  100 Amps at above 180 VAC supply Auto reduction to 60 Amps below 180 VAC
 Output Voltage  14.4 or 28.8 Volts Auto 2 Stage – Pro Mode, Trimmable from 27.6 to 30 VDC
 Output Quality  Accuracy ffl 0.15 Volts – Ripple less than ffl 150 mV
 AC Input Supply  95 to 264 VAC
 AC Input Frequency  47 to 63 Hz
 Phase  1Ø
 Power Factor  0.98/0.95
 Input Rating  3000 VA
 Operating Temp  -20 to 500 C
 IP Rating  55* fr use on level ground
 Dimension (mm)  450 x 195 x 230 with integral handle
 Weight  8.6 Kg (unit only)