Connected Vehicle Solutions

Connected Vehicle Solutions

Vehicle Controls

Keypad Multiplexed Switch Modules, Connected Vehicle Solutions from Eaton offered by Patlon
Keypad Multiplexed Switch Modules
The E31 Keypad modules are sealed to IP68 from the front and rear. This allows them to meet requirements in severe environment applications with exceptional tactile and visual operator feedback with up to four independent indicator LEDs.
Electronic Switch Modules from Eaton offered by Patlon
Electronic Switch Modules
Designed to support harsh environmental applications, the E33 electronic multiplex switch module offers sealing to IP68 and additional features including guarded and locking rockers.

Power Distribution

Series 31m – Multiplexed Vehicle Electrical Center
The multiplexed vehicle electrical center (mVEC) offers economical Controller Area Network (CAN) oversight for high power circuits in vehicle power distribution.
Series 154M- Multiplexed Rear-Fed Fuse and Relay
The multiplexed rear-fed fuse and relay module (mRFRM) is an enhanced version of the Eaton rear-fed fuse and relay module (RFRM) as it has a Controller Area Network (CAN) interface and rear fed sealed connectors.

Power Conversion

Power Converters
Both standard product and custom developed DC-DC converters provide regulated power directly to accessory or main loads. The DC-DC converters produce 24V power from a 12V source and 12V power from a 24V, 48V and 72V sources.
Battery Equalizers from Eaton offered by Patlon
Battery Equalizers
Both standard product and custom developed battery equalizers maintain battery balance in vehicle applications with multiple voltages and high peak load demand. Eaton battery equalizers produce 10A to 100A outputs to equalize 12V and 24V systems.