Multi-Conductor Cables

Multi-Conductor Cables. Wire & Cable products from New England Wire Technologies offered by Patlon in Canada
Enhancing Cable Design with Multiple Conductors for Unparalleled Customization and Versatility. Experience the pinnacle of quality with our multi-conductor cables, sourced exclusively from New England Wire Technologies for Canada by Patlon.
  • Enjoy a noise-free environment with our low noise cables, ensuring crystal-clear transmission.
  • With exceptional flexibility, these cables can effortlessly adapt to any installation requirement.
  • Count on extended flex life for long-lasting durability, even in demanding applications.
  • Achieve miniaturization without compromising performance, thanks to our compact and efficient designs.
  • From extreme heat to freezing cold, our cables deliver high/low temperature performance for reliable operation in any condition.
  • Rest easy knowing that our cables are resistant to oils and corrosive chemicals, making them suitable for a wide range of industries.
  • Experience short lead times and rapid prototyping capabilities to meet your project deadlines effectively.
At Patlon, we take pride in providing unmatched customer service that ensures your satisfaction at every step.

Miniature and Micro Cables

Experience the superior quality of Patlon’s Miniature and Micro Cables, proudly sourced from New England Wire Technologies for Canada.Designed specifically for demanding applications like ultrasound probes, these cables offer outstanding performance with a minimal overall diameter.
With the ability to apply insulation to conductors as small as 46 AWG and strand individual 52 AWG wires, you can have confidence that these cables are crafted to match your exact requirements.
Custom Options
Whether you require a specific strand diameter or a variation of any AWG size, our cables are tailored with a combination of strand sizes and materials to satisfy precise criteria, including diameter, tensile strength, and conductivity. We offer diverse solutions such as blending multiple single-end AWG sizes and creating planetary cabled zip cords around a core to fulfill your desired functionality.
Low Noise Cables. Multi-Conductor Cables. Wire & Cable products from New England Wire Technologies offered by Patlon