757CFBO-NJ Tug

757 CFBO-NJ Tug Moves up to 50,000 lbs*MGTOW

An aircraft mover driven by gas is designed to move business jets, helicopters, and transporters thousands of dollars cheaper than the nearest competitor! In densely packed hangars or while staging on the ramp, the 757FBO-NJ Tug makes it easy for even one person to move aircraft fast and safely.
 Powered By   Gas – Vanguard
  Lbs MGTOW   50,000
  Lift Style   Pan
  Tug Use   Airplane
757 CFBO – NJ Tug by Priceless aviation products offered by Patlon in Canada. Aircraft Tugs and Moving Equipment.

Standard Features:

  • Power Steering
  • Hydraulic nose wheel pan
  • Electric winch & quick-lock strap
  • Limit switch for winch
  • Super-duty solid traction tires
  • The heavy-duty alternator keeps the battery charged
  • No-skid riding platform surface
  • Electric key start
  • 35HP Vanguard Engine, EPA-approved
  • Gasoline (87-100LL)
  • Parking brake: 2-wheel, disk brakes
  • High Speed tug (8 mph) will move aircraft weighing up to 35,000 pounds*, MGTOW
  • Hydraulic Wheel Motor Drive

Warranty Mechanical: 12 months or 500 hours of use
Warranty Electrical: 6 months or 250 hours of use

* Tug performance data based on level, smooth, paved surfaces.