Filtered Fuel Vent

Filtered Fuel Vent V150F
Filtered Fuel Vent V150F. Fuel Vents. Fluid delivery systems by Fast Fill systems offered by Patlon in Canada
This filtered fuel vent is designed with an airflow check valve to prevent grit from entering your fuel tank.
By integrating air filtration into the conventional pressurized fueling vent, the V150F features an airflow check valve to protect your fuel tank from contaminants. Outbound air and fuel vapors are guided away via a one-way check valve, while incoming air undergoes filtration through a 3-micron filter. Similar to other vents, the standard level control stem is 5 feet but can be customized to 7 inches or 12 inches.


  • Introduces a direct mount air filter to pressurized filling
  • Check valves manage air flow
  • Provides rollover spill protection
  • Includes an integrated safety pressure relief valve
  • Available with different shut-off levels