Ground Power Unit
ITW GSE 140CU20 & 180CU20

Ground Power Unit (GPU) – ITW GSE 140CU20 & 180CU20 (Formerly Hobart)
The CU20-series features a cutting-edge cooling system created to work within the engine installation parameters to fulfill all engine emission standards, as well as a digital “SENTRY” control system that offers a thorough approach to GPU control, troubleshooting, and service tracking.In today’s congested ramp areas, the 5th wheel steering and low-profile design offer greater visibility and mobility.
Performance Features of ITW GSE 140CU20 & 180CU20
  • Large stainless steel fuel tank with 10 hour run time

  • Low fuel warning and shutdown

  • Delayed stop for turbo protection

  • Emergency stop shutdown

  • Dual bearing generator offers long life and reliability

  • Numbered, color-coded wiring

  • Towbar activated braking system

  • Superior frequency & voltage regulation

  • Lift-off doors and removable panels provide complete access to engine,  generator and control compartments

  • Lost neutral detection

  • Dual 400 Hz outputs for wide body aircraft support