Nylon PCA Connector

Nylon PCA Connector

Replacing the gaskets on ITW GSE Nylon PCA connectors is easier and more efficient with the JB730 Snap-On Gasket. The JB730 is made from high-quality nylon composite but offers a Snap-On Gasket that can be replaced in minutes compared to hours. The Snap-On Gasket allows the maintenance team to replace worn gaskets on the Nylon PCA Connectors while still in the field.

ITW GSE’s patented process for seamless fabrication molds the body of the latching mechanism into the connector itself, thereby providing greater strength and stability. It can be used for heating or air conditioning and eliminates the need to purchase additional items.

ITW GSE Nylon PCA Connector. Hose ducting & connectors offered by Patlon in Canada


This Nylon PCA Connector is UV resistant and is designed to withstand chemicals, fuels, and solvents generally found in the harsh ground support environment. Despite the rugged construction and design, it is light weight making it a necessary component for all PCA units.

The ITW GSE Services Patented Nylon PCA Connector is also available with an optional stainless-steel screen providing additional protection from larger contaminants entering into the aircraft’s heating or cooling system.

  • JB729 – Nylon Composite PCA Connector with Neoprene Gasket
  • JB729SC – Nylon Composite Screened PCA Connector with Neoprene Gasket
  • JB730 – Nylon Composite PCA Connector with Snap-on Gasket
  • JB730SC – Nylon Composite Screened PCA connector with Snap-on Gasket