28V DC Banded Cable

28V DC Banded Cable

The premier 28 Volt cable assembly with a molded head to take the harsh environment of today’s flight line.

ITW GSE 28V DC Banded Cable. Ground power cables & plugs offered by Patlon in Canada

The ITW GSE 28V DC Cable Assemblies are available in various conductor sizes and the following standard cable lengths:

  • 30 ft. (2/0 and 4/0 wire size)
  • 40 ft. (2/0 and 4/0 wire size)
  • 50 ft. (4/0 wire size)
  • 60 ft. (4/0 wire size)

The ITW GSE 28V DC Cable Assembly is manufactured in accordance with the following::

  • Specifications C5756 – cable specification
  • Mil-Spec 25488 – connector specification
  • Mil-C-7974D – assembly specification