Ceiling and Step Lamps

LED Interior Lamp Mini Oval LED

Gives the interior of the car dependable lighting. Although the white LEDs are perfect for traditional lighting activities, depending on the version, you may generate appealing red or blue ambient lighting by separately switching the colored LEDs. Both versions are offered with and without a switch and bezel to meet varying needs. The clear PMMA lens and the black, shatterproof ABB housing are UV and impact resistant, allowing for use in challenging environments.

LED Interior Lamp 980 855

The DuraLED interior lamps for surface mounting are pressure and impact resistant, quick and simple to mount, and protected against the ingress of dust and water during continuous submersion. Due to their high vibration resistance, the DuraLED interior lamps meet the requirements for buses, commercial vehicles, and towing vehicles over 6.5 t coming out of OE production. Slim design, DuraLED interior lamp with the two-color lenses and white or black surround – available in white, amber, red, and green. They also exhibit strong resilience to outside factors like toxins and UV rays.

LED interior lamp 343 790

The interior of the car is improved with indirect soft and ambient lighting. The clear glass and several bezel colors  blend in well with the interior of the car. The bezel, which comes in black or white, feels good to the touch and has an eye-catching design. It is composed of sturdy, shatterproof, and impact-resistant PC plastic.

LED interior lamp 343 606

Because of its IP 6k9k protection certification, the LED interior lamp 343 606 is appropriate for usage both indoors and outdoors. Because of its thin and flat shape, the lamp blends in with the overall appearance of the car, even with its 10 white LEDs and gray housing.

LED Interior Lamp 007 373

Combining 24 high-performance LEDs with revolutionary lighting technology, the LED interior lamp 007 373 delivers exceptional lighting. Within the 355 mm lamp casing of one type is an integrated on/off switch. Heat dissipation is guaranteed by the LED lamp’s superior thermal control.