Stowage Module

Stowage module

Stowage module. Mobile catering products from karcher offered by Patlon in Canada
Designed to optimize storage and functionality, it’s the perfect addition to our Modular Field Kitchen MFK 2 or can be set up independently beside the kitchen on optional adjustable legs.
Featuring a spacious interior, this module provides ample room for storing kitchen utensils and accessories, ensuring that everything you need is within reach. The stainless-steel surfaces not only add a touch of elegance but also meet the highest standards of hygiene, guaranteeing a clean and safe working environment.
Thanks to its simple logistics, incorporating the Stowage Module into your trailer kitchen is a breeze. It effortlessly expands the storage space, allowing you to keep all your essentials organized and easily accessible. With its high flexibility, you have the freedom to arrange and customize your kitchen setup according to your needs.
Invest in our stowage module today and enjoy convenient storage solutions that meet your highest expectations. Elevate your culinary endeavors with ease and efficiency!
  Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)   1100 x 700 x 600
  Weight (kg)   50