Pitboss N150PBp

Pitboss N150PBp
PITBOSS N150PBp, Fuel nozzle. Fluid delivery systems by Fast Fill systems offered by Patlon in Canada
PITBOSS N150PBP is your top-tier diesel fuel nozzle designed to endure the most challenging fueling conditions. Designed for durability and reliability, this nozzle is a game-changer for users seeking a forgiving and long-lasting solution. With its innovative Elastodog latching mechanism, you can say goodbye to frustrating fuel leaks. This advanced feature ensures a secure and tight latch, even under harsh conditions, providing you with peace of mind while refueling. The piston-driven shutoff engagement takes longevity to a whole new level. You can count on this nozzle to keep performing flawlessly, day in and day out. No more worries about premature wear or frequent replacements.
  • Non-slip powder coating for improved grip Variations
  • Less internal components and an all-metal structure
  • A front-end plug that keeps the latching region clean
  • Underground mining N150PBUp
  • Brine Resistant N150PBp-BR