TIGR- Transformer Integrated Guard Rail

TIGR – Transformer Integrated Guard Rail: A Secure Work Environment

TIGR – Transformer Integrated Guard Rail by CVI. Safety systems offered by Patlon in Canada
Work Safely, Work in a Cage

Presented by Patlon and CV International in Canada

Experience a secure work environment with the Transformer Integrated Guard Rail (TIGR), proudly presented by Patlon and CV International in Canada. TIGR revolutionizes fall prevention with its OSHA-compliant guardrail system, encircling the top perimeter of industrial electrical transformers. This innovative solution eliminates the need for maintenance workers to tether off by wearing personal fall arrest harnesses.

Key features of TIGR

  • Retrofittable to existing transformers, TIGR seamlessly integrates to enhance safety without extensive modifications
  • Adjustable braces cater to various types, sizes, and configurations of transformers
TIGR System Configuration (8 Post System with Sliding Gate and Center & Corner Post Anchors):
  • The TIGR system boasts an efficient 8-post configuration with a sliding gate, providing flexibility and accessibility
  • Center and corner post anchors enhance stability and ensure comprehensive coverage around the transformer perimeter
Portability and Convenience:
  • Collapsible guardrail components allow for easy storage in a compact bag, ensuring convenient transport

  • Post anchor assemblies are designed for quick installation, allowing them to be left on a transformer for future maintenance activities

Invest in Safety, Choose TIGR
  • Elevate safety standards by choosing TIGR for your industrial electrical transformers.
  • Ensure a safe working environment for your maintenance personnel, eliminating risks associated with traditional fall protection methods.
Contact us to discover how TIGR can enhance safety in your workplace. Join us in embracing a secure working environment with the advanced guardrail system provided by TIGR.