RBSC 200

RBSC 200 200A continuous at 14/28V DC

RBSC 200 200A continuous at 14/28V DC. portable power banks offered by Patlon in Canada
  Volts DC   14.4 / 28.8
  Continuous Amps   200
  Weight   14 Kg (Unit Only)
The RBSC200 stands as a remarkably portable power unit, boasting a lightweight and compact design. Its primary purpose lies in furnishing uninterrupted, top-tier DC power for crew training and aircraft maintenance, whether in workshops, on the tarmac, or out in the field. This variant of continuous high-power proves ideal for diagnostic tasks, pre-flight examinations, battery charging, or consistently powering equipment during operations, all without depleting the onboard aircraft batteries. Equipped with an array of built-in safety features, these units ensure straightforward operation. Standard specifications dictate a consistent output of 14.4 or 28.8 Volts up to the fully rated output current, complete with power factor correction.


  • Direct compatibility with aircraft or land vehicles.
  • Aircraft cable is available in lengths ranging from 2m to 6m.
  • Durable lightweight aluminum casing.
  • RCD safety protection.
  • A digital display featuring a backlight for Volts/Amps/Input Status.
  • The display indicates system status along with input voltage or errors.
  • Multi-fan cooling system with temperature control.
  • Both input and output cables are detachable for convenient storage.
  • Supplied with input cable tailored to the required length.
  • Multiple options are available for output cable length and connections.
  • User-switchable between 14V and 28V modes.


  Output Current   200 Amps at above 180 VAC supply   Auto reduction to 60 Amps below 180 VAC
  Output Voltage   14.4 or 28.8 volts   Auto 2 stage – Pro Mode, Trimmable from 27.6 to 30 VDC
  Output Quality   Accuracy ffl 0.15 volts – Ripple less than ffl 150 mV
  AC Input Supply   95 to 264 VAC
  AC Input frequency   47 to 63 Hz
  Phase   1Ø
  Power factor   0.98/0.95
  Input Rating   6000 VA
  Operating Temp   -20 to 500C
  IP Rating   55* for use on level ground
  Dimension (mm)   510 mm x 220 mm x 360 mm with integral handle