Burner KB F-T/A

Burner KB F-T/A

The KB F-T/A stands as a pinnacle of innovation, presenting an autonomous pressure evaporation burner designed to run effortlessly on liquid fuels such as kerosene, diesel, and petroleum. Embrace culinary independence as this burner requires no electricity supply, coupled with an integrated fuel tank ensuring continuous operation for up to 6 hours without the hassle of refueling.
This robust burner thrives in diverse environments, fully functional at ambient temperatures ranging from approximately -30 °C to +49 °C. Harnessing the power of pressure evaporation technology, the KB F-T/A operates autonomously, eliminating the need for an electrical power supply. Enjoy easy operation with minimized controls and an intuitive operating concept, providing a seamless cooking experience.
Burner KB F-T/A. Burner systems. Mobile catering products from karcher offered by Patlon in Canada
Features and Benefits

Easy operation: Streamlined controls and an intuitive operating concept for effortless use.

Unparalleled autonomy: Operate without the need for electricity, granting freedom and flexibility in any setting.

Precision technology: The pressure evaporation system ensures efficient and autonomous operation.

Extended operation time: The integrated fuel tank allows continuous operation for up to 6 hours, reducing the need for frequent refueling.

Adaptable temperature range: Functional in temperatures from approximately -30 °C to +49 °C, ensuring reliable performance in various conditions.

Hygiene excellence: Crafted with a stainless-steel housing, the KB F-T/A adheres to the highest hygiene standards.

  NSN   7310-12-309-3376
  Dimensions of the burner (mm)   710 x 440 x 218
  Weight of the burner (kg)   32
  Fuel tank (l)   4,8
  Heating output (kW)   18