Custom Coaxial Cables

Experience the pinnacle of signal perfection with our unparalleled transmission line performance.
Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your signals remain intact, delivering flawless and uninterrupted data transfer. Say goodbye to disruptions and hello to seamless communication. Trust in our expertise to unlock the full potential of your transmission lines.
Coaxial Cables. Wire & Cable products from New England Wire Technologies offered by Patlon in Canada

Coaxial Cables

Designed with precision and built to last, our coaxial cables feature a copper conductor surrounded by insulator shielding, encased in a braided metal mesh for maximum signal integrity and protection against interference and cross-talk. The added layer of protective plastic ensures the safety of the cable, making it perfect for various applications.
Whether you need large CATV cables or ultra-small medical camera cables, our custom designs can accommodate any requirement. Choose from a range of materials for the center conductor including copper, copper alloy, copper-clad steel, or steel based on the AWG size. With options for solid, stranded, bunched, or rope-lay conductors, we have you covered.
Tailored to meet specific needs, our coaxes can be designed for impedance or capacitance. Typical values include 50 ohms, 75 ohms, or 30 pf/ft. From miniature coaxes ranging from 32-24 AWG to larger sizes reaching up to 1/0 for high-power applications – we offer versatility without compromising on quality.
Upgrade your cable infrastructure with our reliable Coaxial Cables today and experience superior performance and durability in every connection!

Twinaxial Cables

Upgrade your data transmission game with Twin Axial Cables – the ultimate solution for reliable and efficient information systems. Designed with two twisted conductors surrounded by a common shield, these cables provide enhanced protection against environmental factors and minimize cable loss.
When it comes to signal integrity, our twin axial cables are second to none. They are specifically engineered to meet the characteristic impedance, capacitance, and attenuation requirements of your application, ensuring optimal performance every time.
But that’s not all! Twinaxial cables offer a range of advantages that will revolutionize your connectivity experience. Experience reduced voltage requirements, allowing for more energy-efficient operations. Enjoy improved flexibility, making installation and routing a breeze. And best of all, benefit from lower costs compared to other transmission solutions.
Whether you need high-quality connections for consumer goods or require top-notch performance in professional settings like Category cable, USB, or HDMI applications, our twin axial cables have got you covered.

Miniature and Micro-Miniature Coaxial Cable

Introducing our Miniature and Micro-Miniature Coaxial Cable from New England Wire Technologies – the perfect solution for the medical and industrial sectors. Engineered with precision, our cables are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of your applications. With customizable options for the center conductor, dielectric, shield, and jacket, you can tailor our cables to your exact needs.
What sets our cables apart is their versatility. Not only are they ultra-flexible and have a high flex life, but they also excel in high-temperature environments. Their fluid and chemical resistance ensures durability in even the harshest conditions. Plus, with low noise transmission and a UL AWM rating, you can rely on these cables for exceptional performance.
Safety is a top priority for us too. That’s why our cables are halogen-free and biocompatible, making them suitable for medical applications where patient safety is crucial.
The possible applications of our Miniature and Micro-Miniature Coaxial Cable are vast, ranging from digital imaging, electrosurgical procedures, antenna leads, and ultrasound equipment to audio/video systems and patient monitoring devices. Our cables are designed to meet all your needs.
Coax-Style Litz Wire. Custom Coaxial Cables. Wire & Cable products from New England Wire Technologies offered by Patlon

Coax-Style Litz Wire

Patlon offers the Coax-Style Litz Wire from New England Wire Technologies. Our Coax-style Litz wire is the ultimate solution for high-power and high-frequency transmission needs. With its advanced construction of transposed bundles and controlled dielectric insulation, this Type 9 Litz wire offers unparalleled performance in a variety of applications.
Experience seamless power transmission with Coax-Style Litz Wire, designed to handle even the most demanding tasks. Whether it’s transmitting high-frequency power and pulses, enabling induction heating, or facilitating plasma coating and cutting, our Litz wire ensures optimal efficiency and reliability.
Need to supply high-frequency power to remote devices or operate lasers? Look no further. Coax-Style Litz Wire is your go-to choice for seamless connectivity and optimized performance.
Unlock the potential of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with our top-of-the-line interconnects. Trust in the superior quality of Coax-Style Litz Wire to deliver exceptional results in medical imaging technology.