270 VDC Low Inductance Ground Power Cable

270 VDC Low Inductance Ground Power Cable

The 270 VDC single-jacketed quality cable from ITW GSE, with a replaceable contact section (nose), provides the optimum in GPU cable performance. It is well suited for the F-25 – 270 VDC Ground Power unit.

ITW GSE 270 VDC Low Inductance Ground power Cable. Ground power cables & plugs offered by Patlon in Canada

Reduced Service Time

The replacement contact section can be removed and replaced in approximately 3-5 minutes thus minimizing the “out of service time”. For safety and unsurpassed protection for the aircraft, the replacement contact section is also available with a Thermgard® thermal sensor.

Capacitors integrated into the cable head help maintain the interlock voltage through high transients and up to 250% overloads up to 180 ft.


Meets the Lockheed Martin Specifications 5PTV6002 Rev C and 2ZEU00004 Rev-0007. Recommend up to 40 ft. for F-35 application.