Medical Electronics and Tubing

At Patlon, we are dedicated to assisting the top medical device manufacturers in developing cutting-edge technology that saves lives. We represent New England Wire Technologies and New England Tubing Technologies to offer customers in Canada cables that meet the most rigorous demands of the industry. Whether it’s micro-miniaturization, high flex life, autoclavable properties, low noise, low elongation, high tensile strength, ultra-flexibility, or hybrid cables, we have the expertise to design and deliver exceptional solutions.

NEWtuf® Reinforced Silicone Rubber Cables

Introducing the game-changer in cable technology – NEWtuf® Reinforced Silicone Rubber Cables from New England Wire Technologies. With our innovative NEWtuf® reinforced jackets, you can say goodbye to the limitations of conventional silicone rubber cables. Experience three times the tensile strength and minimal elongation distortion, ensuring unmatched durability and performance.
Specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the medical device industry, the NEWtuf® reinforced cables are built to withstand repeated handling and wiping without compromising their original appearance or functionality. No more worrying about wear and tear!
Upgrade to NEWtuf® Reinforced Silicone Rubber Cables today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your cables can handle anything thrown at them while maintaining top-notch performance. Don’t settle for less when it comes to the quality and reliability of your medical devices.


Patlon specializes in delivering a wide range of custom tubing solutions from New England Tubing Technologies to meet your specific needs.
Our offerings include medical braid, spiral and braid reinforced tubing, lubricious lined catheter shafts, multi-lumen and multi-durometer tubing, and hybrid tubing. New England Tubing Technology is an expert in producing thin-wall, tight tolerance tubing and has mastered the art of bonding layers of thermoplastic to fluoropolymer. Our capability extends to braiding all types of round and flat wire as well.
But that’s not all – we go beyond traditional tubing products with our innovative eTubing®. This cutting-edge technology enables us to incorporate signal, coaxial cables, or other electrical components within the walls of the tube itself.
To further enhance your design and ensure a seamless experience, we offer a comprehensive range of value-added services such as tipping, hubbing/flaring, shaping/forming, and radiopaque striping.
Medical Braids. Medical Electronics and Tubing. Wire & Cable products from New England Wire Technologies offered by Patlon

Medical Braids

Patlon specializes in offering top-notch, tailor-made medical braiding solutions by leveraging a distinct blend of cutting-edge technologies sourced from New England Wire Technologies. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we deliver exceptional products that meet the unique needs of our clients in the medical industry.
Our unique combination of cutting-edge technologies allows us to design and produce high-quality, tailor-made braids for a wide range of medical applications. With our state-of-the-art facilities, we offer an extensive range of options to meet your specific requirements.

Custom Reinforced Tubes

At Patlon, we collaborate with New England Tubing Technologies to deliver custom reinforced tubing solutions tailored to your specific product performance requirements.
We specialize in in crafting thin-wall tight tolerance extrusions, multi-lumen braided tubing, and tubing with layers of thermoplastic resins bonded to fluoropolymer resins. We utilize a variety of reinforcement materials such as round or flat stainless-steel wire, high-strength fiber materials, plastic monofilament, and more.
Our products have found applications in diverse medical fields including anesthesiology, angiography, angioplasty, biopsy devices, cardiovascular procedures, dental treatments, endoscopy procedures, neurology treatments, and pain management interventions. Trust us for reliable and high-quality solutions for your medical projects.
Specialty Coatings – Parylene coating and SLEEK™

Parylene Coating

Discover the ultimate solution for flexible cables with Parylene coating from New England Wire Technologies, highly recommended by Patlon. Engineered to meet the demands of various applications, this advanced coating offers exceptional flexibility and a smooth, easily cleaned surface. Experience optimum lubricity with Parylene’s superior grade that outperforms other options in the market. Not only is it an inert and biocompatible dry lubricant, but it also provides resistance against heat, radiation, solvents, fungus, and bacteria growth. Upgrade your cables with Parylene and enjoy unrivaled performance and protection.


Upgrade your cables with SLEEK™ coating – the cost-effective solution for superior performance! With SLEEK™’s silicone-based material, you can enhance your cables with smooth, slick surfaces that make handling and over-molding a breeze. Plus, it adds less than 1 mil to the cable diameter, ensuring flexibility and durability. Say goodbye to bulky cables and hello to sleek, efficient designs with SLEEK™ coating. Experience the difference today!