COLDflex and Hyflex Cables

COLDflex Ground Cable™

The COLDflex Ground Cable™ from New England Wire Technologies is the ultimate solution for flexible, low-temperature ground cable applications. With its cutting-edge design and extreme cold-resistant properties, this product line is a game-changer for industries operating in frigid conditions.
COLDflex Ground Cable™. COLDflex and Hyflex Cables. Wire & Cable products from New England Wire offered by Patlon
Tested and proven to maintain flexibility even at bone-chilling temperatures as low as -40ºC, COLDflex Ground Cables™ ensure reliable performance when you need it most. Say goodbye to brittle cables that crack under pressure!
But that’s not all – these UV-resistant cables can handle operating voltages of up to 5kV, making them suitable for a wide range of demanding applications. The high dielectric strength guarantees safe and efficient power transmission in any environment.
What sets COLDflex apart is its versatility. Available in standard sizes ranging from 250 kCMA to 4 AWG, with the option for custom sizes upon request, these cables can accommodate various project requirements. Plus, choose from our extensive range of 10 standard colors to meet your specific identification needs.
Trust Patlon, Canada’s leading provider of innovative electrical solutions, to deliver excellence with the COLDflex Ground Cable™ product line. Don’t let extreme cold compromise your operations – invest in superior quality and reliability today!

Hyflex™ Power Distribution Cables

The best option for heavy-duty diesel hybrid cars is New England Wire Technologies’ HyflexTM Power Distribution Cable. The highly flexible conductors and specifically formulated compounds used in the engineering of these cables allow them to function admirably in applications that call for unmatched flexibility, durability, and performance.
With its extreme flexibility, Hyflex™ cables effortlessly navigate tight engine compartments and confined spaces during installation. Available in a range of conductor sizes from 8 AWG to 250 kCMA, our cables can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Specifically crafted to handle the high voltage and temperatures associated with modern diesel hybrid vehicles, our HYflex™ line of cables undergoes rigorous testing to meet the stringent standards of SAE J 1654 and 1127. Boasting a rating of 125°C and up to 600 volts, these cables ensure safety and reliability in even the most demanding conditions.
Hyflex™ Power Distribution Cables. COLDflex & Hyflex Cables. Wire & Cable products from New England Wire offered by Patlon
Rest assured knowing that our Hyflex™ Power Distribution Cables have passed the rigorous -40°C J1127 Cold Bend Test. Additionally, they are RoHS compliant, providing improved chemical resistance as well as superior temperature rating and cold weather performance compared to PVC alternatives.
Upgrade your power distribution system with Hyflex™ Power Distribution Cables today and experience the unrivaled combination of flexibility, longevity, and performance for your diesel hybrid vehicles.