400 Hz Aircraft Cable Assembly

400 Hz Aircraft Cable Assembly

The modular 400 Hz aircraft cable assembly serves as an essential link between the aircraft and the 400 Hz power supply. To ensure seamless operation of the complete 400 Hz system and on-time aircraft departures, the assembly must be robust and dependable. The ITW GSE cable assembly is made specifically for that use, and among other things, it works well with the ITW GSE 2400 Power Coil.

ITW GSE 400 Hz Aircraft Cable Assembly. Ground power cables & plugs offered by Patlon in Canada

Unique Features and advantages

Watertight & modular design: highly reliable and completely watertight cable assembly that can withstand rigorous demands on the ramp, Modular design, and superior construction.

Unique safety device: To prevent the aircraft from moving away from the Boarding Bridge as long as the 400 Hz system is connected to the aircraft, the aircraft cable assembly incorporates a unique ITW GSE safety device called a split F pin. This solution is by far much more dependable than the traditional solution which uses a mechanical switch.

Lower costs and higher productivity: The modular design, super construction, and durability reduce life cycle costs and increase productivity.