Kitchen Trailers - Modular Field Kitchen MFK 2

Kitchen Trailers - Modular Field Kitchen MFK 2

Elevate your culinary capabilities in any environment with the MFK 2 modular field kitchen – a dynamic solution designed for efficient meal preparation in challenging conditions.
Transform your catering experience with the MFK 2 modular field kitchen, a versatile solution designed for swift meal preparation in challenging environments. Equipped with a robust off-road trailer, this kitchen is adaptable to various vehicles, ensuring seamless transportation even on rough terrains.
Setting up the MFK 2 is a breeze, taking less than 30 minutes to be ready for action. Whether you’re cooking for 250 or 600 personnel, this modular kitchen offers flexibility in configuration, allowing you to choose from a range of modules. The four customizable modules can operate independently or be mounted on the trailer, providing a tailored cooking experience. Crafted from high-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the MFK 2 adheres to the highest hygiene standards, with easy-to-clean rounded corners and a joint-free design following HACCP principles.
The MFK 2 boasts a sturdy axle and a height-adjustable drawbar, facilitating easy transport with a variety of vehicles. For added convenience, the roof can be lowered for road transport or placement in sea freight containers. All modules receive centralized electricity and fuel through a side storage box.
Kitchen Trailers - Modular Field Kitchen MFK 2. Mobile catering products from karcher offered by Patlon in Canada
Features and Benefits

High energy efficiency: Benefit from closed combustion chamber modules for optimal energy efficiency.

Intuitive operation: Enjoy user-friendly module operation with an intuitive touch panel, simplifying meal preparation.

Compact trailer size: Experience simple logistics with a compact trailer size, easily adaptable to towing vehicles.

High flexibility: Embrace modular design for flexible use and varied meal preparation options, whether mounted on the trailer or used separately.

Quick to deploy: Begin cooking promptly with modules prepared for operation, a centralized fuel and electricity supply, and an optional weather guard for various conditions.

Meets hygiene standards: Ensure maximum hygiene with corrosion-free stainless-steel construction, deep-drawn pans without weld seams, and adherence to HACCP standards.

Field-tested: Join a legacy of kitchen trailers deployed worldwide, featuring full underbody protection and a high IP rating (min. IP 55).

  Dimension (L x W x H) (mm)   4405 x 2115 x 2330
  Weight (kg)   2000
  Cooking capacity (Persons)   600