Cooking Module 125 l Closed Combustion

Cooking Module 125 l Closed Combustion

With its double-walled design, the cooking module 125 l closed combustion guarantees even heat distribution for perfect results every time. The closed burner chamber and controlled exhaust system ensure that you can use it confidently in enclosed spaces without any hassle.

Boasting a spacious 125-liter capacity, it is perfect for various cooking methods such as boiling, blanching, poaching, stewing, steaming, braising, and frying. Say goodbye to burnt food with the risk virtually eliminated by our innovative design.
Crafted from high-quality stainless steel without any joints, this module ensures maximum hygiene and high corrosion resistance. Its rounded corners and joint-free design make cleaning a breeze while saving you both time and resources.

Whether used as a stand-alone cooking unit or integrated into your existing setup, the Cooking Module 125 l Closed Combustion is your go-to solution for efficient and reliable cooking. Invest in quality craftsmanship that delivers outstanding performance every time.

The KCM 125 double-walled cooking module can be used as a stand-alone cooking unit or in our MFK 2 Modular Field Kitchen or in the Kitchen Cooking Containers KCC 300 and KCC 500.
Cooking module 125 l closed combustion.Mobile catering products from karcher offered by Patlon in Canada
Features and Benefits

High energy efficiency

  • Experience cutting-edge technology that prioritizes energy efficiency without sacrificing performance
  • Enjoy perfectly distributed heat with the help of double-walled pans, ensuring every dish is cooked to perfection

Reliable and Easy operation

  • Rest assured with the reliable closed burner chamber, providing a safe and consistent cooking experience 
  • Simplify your culinary journey with the new intuitive electrical control panel, making operation a breeze

Satisfies the highest standards

  • Our stainless-steel boiler, deep-drawn without seams, guarantees the highest hygiene standards for your peace of mind
  • Stay compliant with industry regulations as our product comes equipped with a HACCP data interface for seamless integration
  Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)   1100 x 700 x 1050
  Weight (kg)   125
  Voltage (V)   230
  Healing output (kW)   14
  Food preparation methods   Cooking/boiling, blanching/poaching, stewing, steaming, braising and frying