Crimp Tool repair and Calibration services

Revive your tools. Restore your precision.

Revive your tools and restore your precision with Patlon, recognizing the pivotal role that crimping tools play across diverse industries, from manufacturing to aerospace. We acknowledge that any malfunction or inaccuracy in these tools can lead to costly production delays or compromise product quality, underscoring the critical need for their reliable performance. In response, Patlon is committed to providing not only comprehensive crimp tool repair services but also precise calibration services, ensuring that your equipment consistently operates at its optimal level of accuracy and efficiency.

Our Services

At our facility, we specialize in the meticulous repair and calibration of a wide range of precision tools. We facilitate part replacements for tools from DMC and Band-it. Our expertise in tool repair and calibration extends to products offered by industry-leading brands such as DMC, TE, Astro, Molex, Brundy and Band-it.. From minor adjustments to intricate calibrations, our skilled technicians are committed to preserving the integrity and functionality of your valuable tools.

Crimp Tool repair

Is your crimp tool not working as it should? Don’t worry; our expert technicians are here to help. We specialize in the repair of a wide range of crimping tools, from handheld devices to automated machinery. 

Man calibrating crimp tool. Repair and calibration services by Patlon.

Component replacement

We can replace worn-out or damaged components to restore your crimp tool’s functionality.
Crimp tool. Crimp tool Repair and calibration services by Patlon.

Electrical and Mechanical repairs

Whether it’s an electrical fault or a mechanical issue, our team has the expertise to diagnose and fix the problem.

Thorough inspection

We inspect your crimp tool for any signs of wear or damage.


We provide calibration certificates for your records, demonstrating compliance with industry regulations.

Crimp Tool Calibration

Precision is paramount when it comes to crimping. Our calibration services guarantee that your crimping tools are operating within specified tolerances. Our process includes:

Precision Calibration

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we calibrate your tool to ensure it meets industry standards.

Benefits of choosing our services

Minimized downtime

Our quick turnaround times ensure that your operations experience minimal disruptions.


Repairing and calibrating your existing tools is often more cost-effective than purchasing new ones.

Quality assurance and compliance

Calibrated tools lead to consistent, high-quality crimps, reducing the risk of product defects. We help you meet industry standards and regulations, ensuring your products are of the highest quality.
Don’t wait until a faulty crimp tool causes production issues or compromises product quality. Act now and ensure your crimping equipment is in optimal condition. Contact us today to request a quote for our crimp tool repair and calibration services.