Ventilation and Respiratory Equipment

Patlon offers best portable air quality management equipment for all types of Aircrafts from Capewell RhineAir in Canada. Our comprehensive lineup includes portable solutions designed to enhance air quality in all types of aircraft. With a wide range of fuel tank ventilation systems and respiratory protection equipment available in various sizes and configurations, our offerings are adaptable to meet the diverse needs of both defense and commercial sectors. Whether you operate private jets, jumbo jets, or any aircraft in between, Rhine Air’s versatile equipment and product options are tailored to address your specific requirements. Our portable fuel tank ventilation and respiratory protection systems are compatible with every model and size of commercial aircraft and helicopters, from narrow and wide body passenger airliners to regional commuter planes, business jets, cargo transporters, turboprops, tiltrotors, unmanned aerial systems, helicopters, and more.
MAV-8E Electric-driven Explosion Proof Respiratory Equipment by Rhine Air offered by Patlon in Canada
Ventilation equipment
CAN-50 by RhineAir. Compressed Air Driven Ventilation Equipment offered by Patlon in Canada
Respiratory equipment