Portable Nitrogen Generation Systems

NBSS-3: The most efficient Nitrogen Backpack Servicing System.

Nitrogen backpack servicing system – Mobile/remote high and low pressure nitrogen servicing
NBSS-3 Nitrogen backpack servicing system. Portable Nitrogen Generation Systems from CVI. Compressed Gas systems by Patlon
NBSS-3 is the ultimate solution for mobile and remote nitrogen servicing. Designed to empower your technicians, this lightweight and wearable backpack is a game-changer in the industry. No matter the conditions – mud, sand, or snow – our system ensures that your equipment receives precise and controlled nitrogen delivery.

Key Features:

Lightweight Portable Nitrogen Supply: Our backpack offers a convenient and portable nitrogen supply solution. Your technicians can easily carry it wherever they go, ensuring they are always equipped for any servicing task.

Backpack Cylinder Assembly: The NBSS-3 comes with a specially designed cylinder assembly that allows for efficient storage and delivery of high and low-pressure nitrogen. It ensures a steady supply of nitrogen when and where it is needed.

Backpack Harness Assembly: Our ergonomic backpack harness assembly provides maximum comfort and stability during operation, allowing your technicians to work efficiently even in challenging environments.

Transport Case Assembly: To ensure hassle-free transportation of the NBSS-3, we provide a durable transport case assembly that protects the system from damage while on the move.

Equip your team with the NBSS-3 Mobile/Remote High and Low Pressure Nitrogen Servicing System, revolutionizing how nitrogen services are performed in tough-to-reach locations. Boost efficiency, reliability, and precision with our state-of-the-art technology.


A Portable nitrogen solution allowing technicians to quickly and safely get to the point of use.

WINDKIT Nitrogen gas service. Portable Nitrogen Generation Systems from CVI. Compressed Gas systems by Patlon

Introducing WINDKIT – the ultimate solution for safe and efficient high-pressure Nitrogen gas service in Wind Turbine Generators. With its cutting-edge technology and lightweight design, WINDKIT revolutionizes the way your service technicians operate, ensuring their safety, and saving you valuable time and money.

Say goodbye to cumbersome equipment and hello to convenience.

WINDKIT equips your technicians with a portable Nitrogen supply system that is specifically designed to handle the unique challenges of servicing Wind Turbine Generators. No more struggling with heavy machinery or complicated interfaces.

A state-of-the-art solution that guarantees performance.

By using WINDKIT, you provide your workforce with a state-of-the-art solution that guarantees reliable performance, increased productivity, and most importantly, the protection of their health and safety. With our advanced control features, your technicians can effortlessly supply, interface, and control high-pressure Nitrogen gas service for accumulators and other critical applications.

Lightweight Portable Nitrogen supply

Our high-pressure service kit is made up of a metal enclosure that holds various internal pneumatic components, such as safety pressure relief valves, and high pressure (0-5000 psig and 0-350 bar) components, such as a supply pressure gauge, fill set pressure, component pressure, and pressure regulator valve. A shut-off/bleed valve and QDCs for hose connections are located on the exterior of the enclosure.

The kit includes a lightweight, carbon-wound cylinder holding 88 scf of nitrogen at 4500 psig, as well as a 30-foot-high pressure hose that can be attached to the enclosure’s inlet side using a high pressure QDC connector. For high pressure servicing, a standard 10-foot-high pressure service hose with a shut-off valve and service chuck is attached to the shut-off valve’s QDC on the outlet side.

Don’t compromise on quality or efficiency. Choose WINDKIT for a seamless experience that elevates your operations to new heights. Invest in the future of wind energy maintenance with WINDKIT – because when it comes to servicing at great heights, there’s no room for compromise.