Compressed Air Driven Ventilation Equipment

Mobile Aircraft Fuel Tank Ventilating System

Discover the Compact Aircraft Fuel Tank Ventilation System by RhineAir, available through Patlon in Canada. This exceptionally portable solution efficiently ventilates one or multiple aircraft fuel tanks simultaneously, all while being conveniently stored in a rugged, reusable container. This innovative system optimizes mobility and deployment, occupying a smaller footprint, and ensuring top-tier safety and performance. With versatile setup configurations suitable for any aircraft size, it seamlessly integrates with both portable and stationary compressed air supplies. Its compact design caters to mobility and deployment needs, featuring a durable, low-maintenance ventilator. Notably cost-effective in comparison to alternative systems, it is lightweight, easily deployable, and readily accessible. Significantly reducing the time required for fuel tank ventilation and ensuring personnel safety, it is purpose-built for aircraft tank ventilation, effectively purging and exhaust fuel vapors away from the aircraft’s location. This system not only minimizes labour costs but also fosters a safe working environment, utilizing existing power supplies and offering the flexibility to introduce fresh air or expel fuel vapors. Moreover, it incorporates anti-static features and operates at a low noise level.

MAV-2C by RhineAir offered by Patlon in Canada
CAN-50 by RhineAir. Compressed Air Driven Ventilation Equipment offered by Patlon in Canada

Portable Aircraft Fuel Tank Ventilating systems

Explore RhineAir’s Portable Compressed Air-Driven Ventilation System, proudly provided by Patlon in Canada. This all-inclusive system is easily transportable, simple to set up, and can be employed at various sites. The system comprises a ventilator with an attached static bonding cable, 90 feet (27 meters) of static-conductive air duct, an inlet compressed air hose assembly, an intake port air filter screen adapter, and an underwing access air duct adapter. Tailored for aircraft fuel tank ventilation needs, it adapts to fit any aircraft’s size and model.
This solution significantly reduces the time necessary for fuel tank ventilation, ensuring safe conditions for entry. It possesses the ability to thoroughly remove fuel vapors from the aircraft’s vicinity. Highly portable and swift to set up, it fosters a secure working environment and seamlessly operates with existing power sources. The entire system is engineered to disperse and alleviate static electrical charges.
MAV-2C by RhineAir offered by Patlon in Canada
System # 1
MAV-1C by RhineAir. Compressed Air Driven Ventilation Equipment offered by Patlon in Canada
System # 2
mac-380 Air duct and Adaptor Accessory Kit by Rhine Air offered by Patlon in Canada
Air duct and Adaptor Accessory Kit