Mobile Ultrafiltration Systems

Mobile Ultrafiltration Systems – WTC 5000 UF

Mobile ultrafiltration systems by Karcher FutureTech, now accessible in Canada via Patlon, offer a transformative solution to the critical challenge of obtaining clean and safe drinking water. These state-of-the-art systems are engineered to efficiently eliminate particles, bacteria, and viruses from diverse freshwater sources, ensuring that the end-user receives water that is not only pristine but also free from harmful microorganisms. Distinguished by their energy-efficient purification process, these systems represent a sustainable choice for water treatment, making them well-suited for deployment in remote areas, emergency scenarios, and everyday use. Karcher FutureTech’s mobile ultrafiltration systems excel at securely retaining contaminants, guaranteeing that the resulting drinking water complies with the most stringent quality standards. Additionally, their adaptability enables them to function as pre-filters for reverse osmosis plants, augmenting the overall water treatment process. With these mobile ultrafiltration systems, access to clean and safe drinking water is now more attainable than ever.
The WTC 5000 UF stands as a pinnacle of energy-efficient water purification technology, delivering a staggering drinking water output of up to 5,000 liters per hour. By employing ultrafiltration membranes known for their reliability, this system effectively removes particles, bacteria, and viruses, ensuring that your drinking water is of the highest quality. What sets it apart is its modular construction, which enables quick disassembly into smaller, easily manageable units, each weighing less than 100 kg. Even in challenging terrains, transportation becomes a breeze. The WTC 5000 UF is designed for minimal manpower requirements, thanks to its automatic and intuitive operation. Furthermore, all components that come into direct contact with drinking water adhere to internationally recognized regulations, including those set by organizations such as DVGW and NSF. This compliance ensures that the system meets the stringent quality standards prescribed by the WHO and German drinking water regulations.
Mobile Ultrafiltration Systems WTC 5000 UF. Mobile drinking water purification systems from Karcher offered by Patlon
Features and Benefits of WTC 5000 UF

Safe drinking water: The system relies on a dependable ultrafiltration membrane with a 20 nm filtration capability, effectively containing bacteria and viruses. Additionally, an integrity test can be conducted in the field, guaranteeing water quality.

High energy efficiency: With low electricity consumption, the WTC 5000 UF represents an eco-conscious choice for water purification.

Easy operation: Featuring fully automated functions and an intuitive touchscreen interface, the system is a breeze to operate. The automated backwash of membranes further simplifies maintenance.

Chemical-free operation: The WTC 5000 UF employs a physical filtration process and micro flocculation, reducing the need for chemicals in the purification process.

Simple logistics: Its compact dimensions are equivalent to those of a standard Euro pallet, and the system can be effortlessly disassembled into individual modules, each weighing less than 100 kg. The user-friendly grip provided by round tubes enhances ergonomics.

Ready for use fast: No tools are required for installation, ensuring a quick and hassle-free setup.

  Drinking water output (l/h)   up to 5000
  Daily workload (l)   max. 120000
  Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)   1200 x 800 x 1330
  Total weight (kg)   240
  Hose connection   Storz C
  Connected load, average (W)  800
The WTC 5000 UF is your answer to the demand for clean, safe drinking water in a sustainable and efficient manner. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional water treatment processes and welcome a new era of mobile water purification.