WTC 700

WTC 700
The WTC 700 mobile water purification system from Karcher FutureTech, now available in Canada through Patlon, stands as a testament to innovation in water purification technology. Utilizing reverse osmosis, it possesses the remarkable ability to effectively retain particles, bacteria, viruses, salt, and chemicals. Its simplicity of operation is matched only by its compact and transportable design, featuring a robust stainless-steel frame.
With the capacity to purify up to 700 liters of drinking water per hour, the WTC 700 shines in situations where the source water’s quality is uncertain, whether it is fresh, saline, or chemically contaminated. Crafted from high-quality materials and proven components, this system boasts extreme reliability, ensuring a continuous and dependable water supply. Remarkably, the purification process is achieved without chemicals, not even anti-scalants for pre-treatment. Chlorination is employed solely in the final stage to mitigate the risk of recontamination during storage. The user interface is designed for quick and intuitive operation, and the integrated carrying handles make transportation a breeze. In adherence to internationally recognized standards and regulations such as DVGW, KTW, KIWA, NSF, and ACS, all components in direct contact with drinking water are meticulously crafted. Karcher FutureTech systems, including the WTC 700, have been employed by our customers in various national and international missions, consistently meeting the stringent requirements for drinking water quality, including those set by the German Drinking Water Ordinance 2001 and WHO Drinking Water Guidelines.

Features and Benefits

Reliable and easy operation: Crafted with high-quality materials and robust components, including a stainless steel (V4A) pump head, the WTC 700 is designed for unwavering performance. Its intuitive operating concept, central mode selector switch, and easy-to-understand pictograms and color coding make operation straightforward.

Efficient and hassle-free setup: Integrated components such as pre-filters and pressure monitoring ensure a quick start. Simply connect the raw water pump, hoses, and electricity to get the system up and running.

Safe drinking water without chemicals: The system relies on a reliable reverse osmosis membrane, effectively containing particles, bacteria, viruses, salt, and chemicals, ensuring the highest water quality. Thanks to its physical filtration process and high overflow rate, the need for anti-scalants is eliminated, with chlorination used solely for storage protection.

Streamlined logistics: With dimensions equivalent to a standard Euro pallet and integrated transport aids for manual handling, logistics are simplified.

Satisfies the highest standards: With a minimum number of components in contact with drinking water, the WTC 700 meets the quality requirements for drinking water set by the WHO, the German Drinking Water Ordinance, and other internationally recognized regulations.

  Daily workload (l)  max. 12000
  Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)  1210 / 790 / 910
  Total weight (kg)  230
  Hose connection  Storz D
The WTC 700 is your reliable companion for water purification, ensuring a safe and consistent supply of drinking water, regardless of the source’s initial quality. Say goodbye to complex chemical treatments and welcome a new era of water purification technology.