WTC 700 GT

WTC 700 GT

Elevate Your Water Purification Endeavors with the WTC 700 GT Mobile Water Purification System. The WTC 700 GT is your ultimate answer, offering unmatched water purification capabilities in a mobile, self-sufficient package.In an ever-changing world where water quality can be uncertain, the WTC 700 GT Mobile Water Purification System offers a versatile and dependable solution. This compact yet robust system is designed for mobile, self-sufficient water purification, making it ideal for situations where the source water’s safety is questionable.
The WTC 700 GT is constructed with high-quality materials and proven components, ensuring reliability and long-term performance. Its purification process relies on the power of reverse osmosis, effectively removing particles, bacteria, viruses, salt, and chemicals without the need for additional chemicals. The user-friendly interface simplifies operation, and the system’s portability is enhanced by integrated carrying handles and a rugged all-terrain trailer. With an integrated generator, the WTC 700 GT can function autonomously, providing a reliable source of clean drinking water. Moreover, the system meets international standards and regulations, including those set by DVGW, KTW, KIWA, NSF, and ACS. It has a proven track record in various national and international missions, ensuring compliance with stringent drinking water quality requirements, such as the German Drinking Water Ordinance of 2001 and the WHO Drinking Water Guidelines.
WTC 700 GT. Mobile Reverse Osmosis Systems. Mobile drinking water purification systems from Karcher offered by Patlon

Unparalleled Advantages of WTC 700 GT

Robust reliability

  • Crafted with precision: We’ve spared no expense in using high-quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship, making the WTC 700 GT a symbol of longevity and trust.
  • Built to endure: Our system features robust components that are designed to thrive, even in the most challenging conditions.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel pump head (V4A): The pump head’s stainless-steel construction ensures it’s immune to corrosion, a true testament to durability.

Effortless operation

  • User-friendly interface: Our intuitive design ensures smooth, straightforward operation, making it accessible for users of all backgrounds.
  • Simplified controls: Bid farewell to complex controls – the WTC 700 GT streamlines the water purification process for you.
  • Visual clarity with pictograms and color coding: Simplify your experience with visual cues that leave no room for confusion.

Chemical-free operation

  • Purely physical filtration process: The WTC 700 GT relies on a purely physical filtration process, eliminating the need for chemical additives.
  • No antiscalant required: Thanks to a high overflow design, there’s no room for the complications of antiscalant, making your operation smoother.
  • Chlorination for safe storage: We’ve ensured that your water remains safe during storage by adding chlorine only to the purified water.
WTC 700 GT. Mobile Reverse Osmosis Systems. Mobile drinking water purification systems from Karcher offered by Patlon
WTC 700 GT. Mobile Reverse Osmosis Systems. Mobile drinking water purification systems from Karcher offered by Patlon

Hassle-free logistics

  • All-terrain trailer: Our rugged all-terrain trailer takes you to places where others can’t, ensuring access to clean water in remote locales.
  • Rapid deployment: With integrated features like a pre-filter and pressure monitoring, the WTC 700 GT springs to life in mere minutes. Connect the raw water pump, hoses, and electricity to get started.

Independent operation

  • Integrated generator: Self-sufficiency is key, and the WTC 700 GT’s integrated generator is your lifeline in power-scarce situations.

Meeting the strictest standards

  • Minimal contact with drinking water: We’ve minimized the components that interact with your drinking water, prioritizing your safety.
  • Compliance with stringent regulations: Our system rigorously complies with the most demanding quality requirements, adhering to international standards such as the WHO Drinking Water Guidelines, German Drinking Water Ordinance, DVGW, NSF, and more.
  Drinking water output (l/h)   700
  Dimensions (L x W x H)   4400 / 2100 / 2600
  Total weight (kg)   1900
  Hose connection   Storz D
The WTC 700 GT has been the trusted choice for numerous national and international missions, consistently transforming raw water into safe, potable water. When it comes to safeguarding your access to clean water in any environment, rely on the WTC 700 GT to exceed your expectations.